Use of (vegetable) oils in face skincare routine

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after having my first blog post on oil cleansing method I would like to dedicate a post to another use of oils in your skincare routine (face).

I normally use vegetable oils as a serum before applying my moisturizer (morning and evening) or before a serum.

Let´s proceed with order.

What type of oils to use?

As previously stated I am not a fan of mineral oils, I know many people like those but I would really recommend using vegetable oils, possibly 100% pure and certified if you can find them (it is fairly easy).

You can choose to apply a single specific oil (Argan, Rosehip, Camelia, Avocado, Sea buckthorn etc) or you can buy a product (or make yourself one) that is a blend of different oils.

The choice is up to you and depending on how your skin feels and what it needs, different oils will have different properties and will be more suitable for certain skin types or problems.

I will make a separate post with list of plants/oils and their properties.

I would also recommend to switch oils according to your skin needs that day or period.

Why should you do it?

Well that is pretty straight forward, if you are in need of moisture and hydration there is nothing better. You can use moisturizing/ hydrating oils all over your face and neck (actually pretty much everywhere but here we are focusing on the face), this is how you would use majority of oils. There are also a lot of oils that can be used for specific problems in specific areas for example Tea Tree oil or Sea Buckthorn oil in case of blemishes.

In this post I am mostly focusing on moisturizing oils.

Is the use of oils for everyone?

If we mean for all skin types and ages and we are talking about the most common moisturizing oils, then yes.

Some people might not enjoy the feeling of oil on their skin (as per oil cleansing method) so if you are in that category you might want to use normal moisturizers.

How and when to use oils?

  • Moisturizing oils: 2-3 drops according to the need to be applied all over face and neck. Some people like to apply drops on the palms of the hands and then gently press on the face, personally I apply drops on my finger tips and then gently massage oil onto my face.  If you have some specific area of needs (dry patches for example) you might choose to focus on these area or apply oils only there.
  • Special treatment oils such as Tea Tree or Sea Buckthorn: a small amount applied specifically to the area of need.

In both cases apply prior to your serum and/or moisturizer. If you do not mind the feeling you can use the oil as the moisturizer and skip other steps.

Will I feel greasy?

You can decide to apply oils only in the evening if that is your worry. Most products nowadays are very light feeling and when applied under a moisturizer you will not feel or see the oil (taken that you only use a few drops).

If you are using the oil as a moisturizer and skipping other steps in skincare in the morning, just be careful if applying make up afterwards. A good tip is to wait 5-10 min between oil application and foundation and also make a trial on a day when you do not have to rush out right away if you are trying that for first time.

Hope this was helpful to somebody.

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