Switching to natural/bio conditioners: what to expect?

  We targeted the shampoo chapter previously so now let's look at probably the hardest switch when it comes to natural/bio haircare, conditioner! Here are the main things you should expect when switching to organic conditioners: The textures are different from "non-natural" products. Not only this is one of the hardest switch for the consumer but [...]

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Switching to natural/ bio shampoo: what to expect?

  More and more people every day are taking action to switch to organic/natural products in their lives, whether that is food or cosmetics or house products or something else. Some people prefer to go cold turkey and implement a greener routine in many aspects of every day life all together, while many others like [...]

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Use of (vegetable) oils in face skincare routine

Hello everybody :), after having my first blog post on oil cleansing method I would like to dedicate a post to another use of oils in your skincare routine (face). I normally use vegetable oils as a serum before applying my moisturizer (morning and evening) or before a serum. Let´s proceed with order. […]

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Acid toning – Exfoliating toners

Hello everybody 🙂 , I chose the acid toning topic as one of my first posts for two reasons: first it seems to be very popular at the moment (mostly due to Caroline Hirons) and secondly in the past 2 months it has changed my skin for the better. I am aware that acids and toners [...]

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Oil cleansing method

Hello 🙂 I have decided to talk about uses of oils in beauty and specifically about oil cleansing method in my first blog post as this is a subject I have at heart and have been using such method for a few years now. I am aware many people are weirded out by the idea [...]

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