Switching to natural/bio conditioners: what to expect?


We targeted the shampoo chapter previously so now let’s look at probably the hardest switch when it comes to natural/bio haircare, conditioner!

Here are the main things you should expect when switching to organic conditioners:

  • The textures are different from “non-natural” products. Not only this is one of the hardest switch for the consumer but it is a hard product to make for the manufacturer also. This is “made worse” by the limitation of certain ingredients if a product is certified (whether is ECOCERT or other eco certifications). It is extremely hard to re-create the textures we are used to and the whole point is that we should not look for the same but just for what works best for us.
  • If you are a lover of the “greasy” effect when running hand through hair, you might be disappointed. As per the lack of foam in shampoos, the lack of “grease” in conditioners is very common due to the fact that they do not contain silicones amongst other things which is normally what gives the super-smooth effect when running hands through hair afterwards. It requires some adapting (see next point)
  • You will need to adapt to it. In the beginning the difference will feel enormous but you will see that after a few uses (with a conditioner that works for you and your hair) you will notice that your hair are adapting too and reacting better and better.
  • Shine, lots of shine! Part 2. Need to say more?
  • You will have less reactions and build ups. If you have been struggling with itchiness, dandruff and other scalp conditions you will really notice a difference with cutting out certain ingredients and you will experience less build up on your hair.

Bottom line is, find the right products for your hair and stick to it and you will love the results!



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