Switching to natural/ bio shampoo: what to expect?


More and more people every day are taking action to switch to organic/natural products in their lives, whether that is food or cosmetics or house products or something else.

Some people prefer to go cold turkey and implement a greener routine in many aspects of every day life all together, while many others like to take baby steps and start with certain categories first.

No matter the path or the pace, in the cosmetic world one of the hardest switch is haircare.

Here are the main things you should expect when switching to natural/bio shampoo:

  • Less foam, much less foam! This is for sure the first thing people notice. We are raised associating “foam” with “clean” and that created a chain where the most commonly used surfactants in non- bio soaps and shampoos are SLS or SLES which are also foaming agents. More natural shampoos use much less foaming (and more biodegradable) surfactants, but its important to remember that is not the foam that washes the hair!
  • You might want to use more shampoo the first times. This is connected to the first point. Because we are so used to see lots of foam when washing our hair, the first instinct when we do not see much of it is to add more shampoo. Wrong! Make sure to apply to very wet hair and massage well into the hair. After the first washes you will get used to it.
  • Not all natural shampoos are good for you. As for everything else you need to find a product that suits your hair type or problematic. Natural does not mean good automatically and you might need to try a few before you find the right one for you.
  • You might feel greasier the first days. Adjustment is needed for everything, but this should only last the first week, if it doesn’t the shampoo is not the right one (see the previous point)
  • Shine, lots of shine! When you finally find the right one you will be amazed by the results especially when it comes to hair shine.
  • Your scalp will thank you. If you have been struggling with itchiness, dandruff and other scalp conditions you should for sure consider quitting shampoos that contains SLS or SLES. After a few uses, if you have found the right one, you will notice that your scalp will be more balanced and the oil production will be regulated better.

I hope these points are useful for everyone thinking about making the switch, we will tackle conditioner in the next post. Remember that although the first uses might feel different, the long term results will amaze you!




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