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What does organic really mean? Chapter 1 – ECOCERT

  Dear All, This has been long in the making! We are bombarded everyday with products claiming they are organic, natural, non toxic (whatever that means), chemical free (as if that was possible considering everything is a chemical including water) and it so hard to learn how to navigate and choose what is actually an [...]

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Switching to natural/bio conditioners: what to expect?

  We targeted the shampoo chapter previously so now let's look at probably the hardest switch when it comes to natural/bio haircare, conditioner! Here are the main things you should expect when switching to organic conditioners: The textures are different from "non-natural" products. Not only this is one of the hardest switch for the consumer but [...]

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Switching to natural/ bio shampoo: what to expect?

  More and more people every day are taking action to switch to organic/natural products in their lives, whether that is food or cosmetics or house products or something else. Some people prefer to go cold turkey and implement a greener routine in many aspects of every day life all together, while many others like [...]

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Use of (vegetable) oils in face skincare routine

Hello everybody :), after having my first blog post on oil cleansing method I would like to dedicate a post to another use of oils in your skincare routine (face). I normally use vegetable oils as a serum before applying my moisturizer (morning and evening) or before a serum. Let´s proceed with order. […]

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Acid toning – Exfoliating toners

Hello everybody 🙂 , I chose the acid toning topic as one of my first posts for two reasons: first it seems to be very popular at the moment (mostly due to Caroline Hirons) and secondly in the past 2 months it has changed my skin for the better. I am aware that acids and toners [...]

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Oil cleansing method

Hello 🙂 I have decided to talk about uses of oils in beauty and specifically about oil cleansing method in my first blog post as this is a subject I have at heart and have been using such method for a few years now. I am aware many people are weirded out by the idea [...]

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